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CAV Audio Visual provide a full design of all multi-screen digital MATV systems.

CAV Audio Visual provide commonsense soultions and expert advice to the design, installation and service of distributed television systems for clubs,sporting venues, and other facilities with multi-television requirements.

CAV Audio Visual are the right choice to manage and maintain your shift to digital. Our straight forward approach is to use common sense solutions to complex problems. You can use our knowledge, experience and expertise to guide you in making and maintaining the digital upgrade. 

At CAV, we understand the importance of high definition, HDMI and all of its characteristics involved in getting the perfect image. We devise a perfect solution where we ensure you will get the best out of your tv.

What is MATV?

MATV stands for Master Antenna Television. It is the means by which multi-screen TV is distributed throughout a club or venue.

CAV Audio Visual offers a comprehensive advisory, design,installation and maintenance service for all aspects of digital TV.

•  Improve signal strength and picture quality throught our building.
•  We have proven experience in the installation of multiple TVs.
•  Design and integration of automated control systems for multiple TVs
•  Integrate TV and PA into one interface.
•  Distribution of in-house channels such as Keno, Fox, Sky and in-house advertising, bistro menu boards etc.

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