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Alarm & Access Control

CAV Security provides leading security solutions by understanding your security needs as a club or business.

We'll help you choose the security solution that best meets your requirement from intruder detection through to access control and CCTV. Our 24 hour 7 days a week VIP monitoring service means we are watching your business, even when you can't!

Benefits of CAV Security

• Less Stress - We have been providing security services to the corporate, retail and hospitality industry for over 30 years and understand your needs. This includes creating perimeter seals and dealing with complex procedural changes.

• Long Term Satisfaction - CAV Security schedule preventative maintenance of your system so you don't have to worry about your security system.

• Confidence Your Data's Secure - Our Monitoring Centre is a commercial certified (Grade A1 ASIAL) monitoring centre with full redundancy (multiple levels of backup in the event of an emergency situation). It is housed in a steel reinforced concrete shell and its telecommunications and computer facilities are fully secured and use state of the art technology. Our grading is in accord with Australia Standards.

Alarm Systems
Because no two properties are the same, CAV Security will design a system that works for you and your premises. Whether you require a simple intruder alarm panel or a more sophisticated multi-site solution, CAV Security is able to tailor a solution to meet your needs.
We are certified to support a selection of leading technology intruder alarm systems, including Tecom Challenger, Bosch, Integrity Systems.

24 Hour Security Monitoring

CAV Security provides low cost 24 hour, 7 days a week security monitoring service of your alarm system.

Our Grade 1A central control station monitors your alarm so our operators can see what type of alarm is coming through and can then take action by calling key holders, patrol or the police dependant on the agreement.

We also monitor duress alarms which are activated through a panic or hold up button for an emergency situation. Generally these alarms are silent and upon receipt of an alarm, CAV Security will inform the police and not contact the site until the alarm has been cleared.

Alarm and Access Control Options

GPRS Alarm Monitoring
GPRS Alarm Monitoring is a higher level of security as it utilises the GPRS network to do the reporting of the security system to the monitoring centre and does not use the telephone line. It is also polled on a regular interval and should a poll be missed this alerts the control room operator.

Video Verification
Our Video Verification systems are a perfect solution for any premises that requires extra security.  When an incident occurs and an alarm is triggered, our monitoring team recieves footage of the alarm, where they view live or recorded footage and access the severity of the scenario and then act accordingly.  This is a perfect measure for those with a premises in need of quick thinking and a quick response.  It is also a perfect way to eliminate a false alarm.

Biometric Access Control
Traditional access control systems prompts the user to provide a proximity key fob or a smart card to gain access to a building or door. A biometric security system requires the user to present their fingerprint (or other biometric) to the system which can then be matched against a stored image to verify the users identity.

Description of photo hereSmart Probe - a Food Safety Refrigeration Monitoring System
Food quality has a direct impact on your business and its reputation. Freshness is the key to maintaining the best of experiences for your members and guests. Take total control in monitoring all areas where food is stored i.e. Cool Rooms, Fridges & Freezers with the CAV Smart Probe Systems. No more manual reporting, all sensors can be viewed on one screen, immediate notifications for quick response, cost effective supply and installation.  Click here to view 

Guards and Patrols
CAV Security Guards and Patrol service is a cost effective method of ensuring the security and integrity of your site. It provides a visual deterent to those who may be looking to break into a building or area. CAV Security Guards and Patrol service can include casual security patrols, night or day security patrols, alarm response plus other security patrol services.

Accreditation and Memberships

CAV Security is a member of the Australia Security Industry association Limited (ASIAL) which promotes a professional code of conduct within the security industry.

Master Security Licence Number NSW: 404 764 728
Master Security Licence Number QLD: 3300 655

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